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    About Me


    Sustainability Focused Results

    I am constantly analyzing you individual fitness needs in relation to your goals and simultaneously what will be best for you long term. 

    This creates an ideal environment to achieve and maintain your goals, all done while working to ensure you are able to live your best life outside of the gym as well!!


    Client Education

    I recognize that most people are not going to work with a trainer every day for the rest of their lives. Nor do I want that!

    That is why I am dedicated to effectively communicating and educating my clients.

    This will empower you to make confident decisions, without that feeling that you constantly need someone to tell you what to do.



    There is no rule that health and fitness must be done a certain way.

    Through my years of personal studies and experiences in a wide variety of techniques to optimize ones health and fitness, I am able to learn about your unique lifestyle and create an individualized plan to match!

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    Blue Diamond Fitness

    Personal Training with Jared Gregg

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